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  • Master planned community based on Smart Growth principles.

  • Transforms a vacant, infill property into a vibrant gathering hub.

  • Provides needed workforce housing—from single-family detached, to 
townhomes and apartments.

  • Walkable and connected by paseos to retail and open space with pedestrian and bicycle
connections to Emerald Glen Park, BART and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Completes master-planned streets, parkways, and infrastructure—adds 9 miles 
of pedestrian serving facilities (bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and pathways).

  • Adds new public spaces for community events, meetings and more, dedicates 2.3 acres.

  • Generates fees, property and sales taxes to fund schools, parks and other city amenities ($3.8M
    gross revenue).

  • Creates jobs (over 600).

  • Pays City fees, over $80M, half allocated
    to the City of Dublin.

  • Helps to mitigate existing school issues with a
    pay-forward plan.

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Our COMMITMENT to dublin's schools

Dublin’s schools are a top priority for the ATDublin team. Our goal is to follow a proactive strategy to enhance the quality of education throughout the city. We will work with the City Council, Dublin Unified School District, community members, fellow developers and local property owners to help mitigate existing issues and ensure the continuation of quality education in Dublin.

UPDATE: Developers committed to Dublin schools with $28.2M pay-forward plan. Read the full press release.